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We offer practical and cost effective advice and court representation to keep your business running.

Our team has experience across a broad range of legal areas including civil and commercial litigation, property and commercial law, construction and payment disputes, trusts disputes, inheritance disputes and company disputes. We act for both claimants and defendants.

How we can help

See us for a consultation to obtain commercially sensible advice as to your rights and obligations.

Initial consultation

Initial consultation $198 / $385

The starting point is to talk to us. For a general discussion, book a 30 minute consultation. If you definitely want to commence proceedings (or you have already commenced proceedings), book a 60 minute consultation.

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Mediation and negotiation

Most matters are resolved before trial, either at court-convened mediations or by negotiation. Subject to your instructions we will always explore the prospects of a mediated or negotiated settlement.


The outcome of most court cases turns more on the facts than on legal principles. So before commencing proceedings it’s important to assess the strengths of your case and the prospects of success. This can be time-consuming, but properly undertaken will save money and possible embarrassment in the long term.


Most litigation (about 95% in the Supreme Court of WA) is resolved before trial. If your matter is settled, we will ultimately only charge you for the work that we actually undertake.

Please refer to The litigation process for a summary of the procedures. We will bill you progressively for the expected stages of the litigation.

Initial consultation

Initial consultation $198 / $385

For Magistrates Court matters, book a 30 minute consultation. For District or Supreme Court matters, book a 60 minute consultation.

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We will make your case trial-ready and represent you at trial.

We will bill you on a stage by stage basis and will adopt fixed fees wherever possible.


A defendant served with a writ (application, summons or claim) issued by a court, must file a notice of intention to defend the claim in the issuing court within the prescribed time.

If the writ is endorsed with a statement of claim the defendant must also file a defence within strict time limits (usually 10-14 days). The defence is a detailed response to the statement of claim.


Our experience enables us to provide great service at competitive prices.

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