Solicitor’s guarantee certificate

We will review your loan and security documents during one fixed price consultation.

Some financial institutions require borrowers or guarantors to obtain independent legal advice as a condition of their loans.

If you require independent advice, we will review your loan documents and sign your certificate of independent legal advice on the spot.

How we can help

We will give you advice you require in relation to your loan and security documents.

Solicitor's guarantee certificate

Solicitor’s guarantee certificate $550

We will review the loan documents and, if everything is in order, sign the lender’s certificate of independent legal advice on the spot. Book a consultation to get started. This service is not available by telephone.

Our fixed fees

  • The standard charge ($550) is for one borrower or guarantor for a straightforward loan or guarantee.
  • If more than one person needs advice about the same transaction, we charge $110 for each additional person.
  • If, at your request, we can accommodate your appointment within 48 hours, a surcharge of $150 applies, as we may need to rearrange our existing appointments and obligations.
  • Additional charges will apply for complex documents or if you require an interpreter.
  • You must give us all of the documents the lender has sent to you, including brochures, 24 hours before your appointment so we can review them before we meet with you.

What to bring to the consultation:

  • your photo identification;
  • all of the documents the lender has sent to you, including brochures.  Do not sign any documents before your appointment.

Do read all of the documents before your appointment.

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